Training Projects


  • Our company has actively participated in different tendering processes, both at national and international level, our main advantage being the combination of expertise, human and financial capital;
  • The latest tender we took part in and won:
  • Training Services through an online platform – Lot 1 – International Relations via a e-learning system for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Romania, within the project “Be Proactive! Learn Constantly! Training Modules for the improvement of Abilities of the MFA Staff “

Fii Proactiv, Invata Permanent! – Module de training pentru imbunatatirea abilitatilor personalului MAE


The project was financed from the European Social Fund, under the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development, Priority Axis 1 – Improving the structure and process of the public policy management cycle, Key Area of Intervention 1.3 – Improvement of the organizational effectiveness.

Its aim was to improve the effectiveness of the activities of MFA for sustainable development of the public administration in Romania.

Our contract aimed at providing 30 employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an updated set of knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field of International Relations, by creating and completing an online platform ( with 3 modules, pursuing mainly 3 key areas for diplomatic training: Communication and Public Diplomacy, E-diplomacy and Bilateral and Multilateral Diplomacy.

The project was implemented between 1st of June 2014 through to 31st of July 2014.

Other tenders we took part in and won (and implemented)

Design services and database development and maintenance within the project “Development of a common labour market through mobility and training services in the area Olt-Pleven” – CB-LABMARKET – MIS Code ETC 266 (Cross border cooperation – Romania-Bulgaria)

CB-LABMARKET is a project financed under the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013, through the European Regional Development Fund and aims at creating and increasing the competitiveness of the labour market in the target regions.

Within this project, Metodo Romania carried out the design and delivery of a database that will facilitate the development of a common place for work opportunities to be published and disseminated and maintenance. The link for the database is:

The implementation period of the contract: 01.11.2012-15.12.2012 (development) and 2013-2018 (maintenance)