Public Entities

Public Entities

We develop customized products and solutions for public entities to grow innovative initiatives, turn courageous ideas into projects and improve the quality of their services.


  • Customized face-to-face, blended learning and e-learning training solutions, in Romanian, English and Spanish languages.
  • Specific and theme-based training courses and workshops.


  • Comprehensive consulting and technical assistance service in the preparation, presentation and implementation of individual and joint projects, financed with public, national and international funds.
  • Advice and knowledge on how to complete the different project phases:

A) Defining the concept, analysing the problem.

B) Identifying sources and funding.

C) Carrying out financial feasibility studies.

D) Identifying and coordinating the committees.

E) Designing and submitting the proposal.

F) Executing and monitoring.

Research, analysis and studies

  • Social labour research, employment observation and prospecting.
  • Labour markets studies and quality assessments on social tendencies and values.
  • Research service which includes the following support:
  • Planning and execution of quantitative and qualitative fieldwork.
  • Producing statistics from the information collected.
  • Data analysis and presentation of reports.