EU Financed Projects

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Ongoing projects:


Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development  2007-2013

Priority Axis 6: “Promotion of social inclusion”.

Key Area of Intervention 6.2: “Improving the access and participation of vulnerable groups to the labour market”.

Completed projects

Rural– TIP&A: “Transformation through Practical Learning and Entrepreneurship


Priority Axis 5: “Promotion of active labour market policies”.

Key Area of Intervention 5.2:Promotion of long-term sustainability of rural areas with regard to the human resources development and employment”.

GREEN JOBS: “Developing a system for the analysis and monitoring of green jobs in Romania”


Priority Axis 4: “Modernizing the Public Employment Service”.

Key Area of Intervention 4.1: “Strengthening the capacity of the PES for the provision of employment services”.